Gents... What boots are you planning to FALL into this season?

 These will be my boot for the autumn... I'm curious to know what you will be styling...

Peep how insane they accompany a pair of selvedge denim... These will be hottest boots on the streets this autumn... I'll be in a pair.. Will you?

These are benchmade boots estimated to be around $250, also they'll only be about 100 pairs of each... What you going to do?


  1. Gentleman dont wear boots unless they are going rock climbing or skiing.

  2. Feel free to use use for either one this season...respect

  3. Hello Gents... As always I like to keep myself abreast of all that mens fashion has to offer... I am not only well versed in style and swag... I am also an outdoorsman thanks to many years of Pathfinders. LOL!! Only difference is I have become a lil more sophisticated over the years...Well in addition to the boots shown above there is a company who has a pretty sick collection as well... An outdoor company bu the name of Orvis. Here is the link to some of their boot collection... http://www.orvis.com/store/product_directory_showcase3.aspx?dir_id=885&group_id=909&cat_id=5109&subcat_id=6681

    Happy Shopping...

  4. We'll be sure to check them, if your ever around little 5 be sure to stop by our guys over at Strivers Row..You will be impressed..sick pieces

  5. "Gentlemen don't wear boots." That statement shows complete ignorance of mens fashion.