Cords..Your time again!!...ATL

All week mom and me have been trying to get to "Johnny Cakes" (AJC ranked top 5 for breakfast/brunch), well we finally made it today and BOY WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT! Ever in the Atlanta area craving breakfast/brunch and don't want the stereotypical iHop or WH they'll be waiting to serve you. Above are pictures of my day. Enjoy!

Old Fitted Baseball Cap
RL Polo
Vintage Levi's denim jacket
RL Corduroy Cargos
Thong sandals


  1. i see you ty! thongs tho?!?! only a man with confidence n swag would

  2. Comfort was once again key for me today, besides it will be cold soon lol.. I'm getting my last wear out of them.. Thanks Nicci, love

  3. I don't know how you do it but you know how to make common peices into perfect combination

  4. It's a lifestyle and apart of me, follow along our journey, love brother