Day out on the town... Tattoo shop, cold stone ice cream... Fun times!

Quentin: Braves T-shirt, rugby denim, sacouny sneakers
Antwan: Rugby Polo shirt, Polo denim,Air Jordan Hare 7's
Tyrell: Polo Madras driver cap, Polo henley, RRL denim Air Jordan 2's

Pretty relaxed day for us, we're usually all suited.

Today was a fun day, other then my other half and business not being here. My brother and me hung out with our best friends and favorite couple Q and Jess. Last friday Q made 22 years old and as a surprise Jess wanted to finish his half sleeve(seen above). Plans didn't play out so we had to postpone the tattoo until today. Before getting inked up we grabbed Cold Stone ice cream from Atlantic Station and sat down to chat a bit. Days like these are to die for...


  1. Dem boys Carson and Stovall comin' wit dat selvedge and da premium rubber on dey feet!

  2. Agreeing with the above I'd like to add, their atyle is impeccable.

  3. All yall looked nice.. Fellin the SWAAAAAAAAAG!! =)